Tips for parents


What do I need to bring to pre-school for my child?

You will need to provide your child with a bag / backpack with the following items -

  • Spare clothes:

    • t-shirts & cardigans

    • joggings bottoms, shorts, leggings, skirts elasticated waists are preferable wherever possible

    • multiple socks and pants

  • Comforter, if needed

  • Dummy, if needed

  • Waterproof 0uterwear 

  • A pair of Wellies

  • A sun hat

  • Nappies / wipes / cream / nappy sacks

  • A packed lunch (if staying for lunch)

  • A piece of fruit / vegetable to share at snack time

Finally, all items should be named helping us to help you keep a track of your child's belongings.

Helping your child at home


At Incy Wincy's Pre-school we believe that children should learn to be as independent as is possible at each stage of their development.  


We will support you by working together with a consistent approach.  With this approach we aim to enable your child to go to school with life skills as well as meeting their individual levels of development.


Life skills:


-  help them become independent in their toileting and dressing  - model how to, allow them time to try for themselves, offer praise and support when they try


-  to be confident enough to ask for help if they need it  - it is sometimes hard to admit we need help, model that it's ok to ask, include them in your tasks by asking for their help with the cooking, dusting, clearing up etc


-  to be able to speak to both adults and their peers - chat about everything as if they were your peer, this will encourage and support their communication skills and confidence to speak


-  to be able to make new friends


-  be enthusiastic learners

Finally, work with us to enable your child to be their best.